Whether you are in manufacturing, retail, wholesale, or service sector, our team of experts will provide you with software that will simplify your processes and operations. We also build customized software to specifically meet the need of your organization.

  • Microsoft Products:
  •  Office 365
  • We partner Microsoft in deploying the latest software to boost your organization’s efficiency. Office 365 integrates Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Yammer, SkyDrive and Microsoft Office Suite, giving your organization a complete business solutions for the maximum productivity. For example; Exchange for email, SharePoint for collaboration, Yammer for corporate social media communication, and SkyDrive for cloud storage of files. Techcom Visions’ technical team helps our clients reap the benefit in this all-in-one product, offering them the speed and efficiency needed to stay ahead in business.

  •  Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM.
  • Some people choose to call it Accounting Software but this enterprise resource planning (ERP) is far more than that. This is a great enterprise solutions and business managements system that incorporates all the functional units (Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Administration, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Warehousing, etc.) onto a common database to improve efficiency. Techcom Visions is a certified partner of Microsoft with the requisite experience to implement Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM. We do not only meet your organization’s specific needs in implementing this system but also give our clients the adequate support and training to maximize their returns.