Vodafone Ghana has officially launched its “Machine to Machine” (M2M)

Vodafone Ghana has officially launched its “Machine to Machine” (M2M) service platform in a move that is expected to transform the efficiency of companies operating in Ghana. The telecommunication giant is looking to leverage its global scale and expertise in the technology to make Ghana’s fast growing services sector more efficient.

The platform, already operational in Ghana, will be supported by an expert team with country-wide responsibility for growing Vodafone’s M2M business. The team, which includes engineers, product and sales managers, is to ensure that customer needs are met in a timely fashion.

Vodafone's capabilities in M2M in Ghana cover some of the most crucial areas of the economy including health, transport, logistics, banking, utilities and security. These industries are using Vodafone's SIM cards to smartly connect devices to enhance their efficiency and productivity output. The focus is to deliver practical innovation to customers in Ghana and West Africa. In addition to the role M2M can play in enabling smarter services, Vodafone believes the technology, which is managed by its enterprise unit, can also help large businesses reduce their operations’ impact on the environment. Globally, Vodafone is ranked the best in M2M with about 21.5 million SIMs currently connecting assets in various industries in the world.

Speaking at the official launch, Haris Broumidis, Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana said: “Our reputation in this new technological frontier is unmatched across the world and we are excited to be finally deploying it in Ghana. Vodafone views Ghana as a very important market for our continuous success as a company and M2M is one avenue to continue our success story. The world of work as we know it in Ghana will never be the same again”.

Angela Mensah-Poku, Head of Vodafone Business Solutions (VBS), the enterprise unit of Vodafone Ghana said: “This is definitely the start of a revolution that would certainly help companies in the country move to the next level of performance and make them more results-oriented. As a business committed to providing the best of service for our customers, we see M2M as a paradigm shift in making our customers even more comfortable with their activities’.

The Vodafone M2M platform will provide corporate customers with managed connectivity for mart service deployments. Companies will be able to centrally manage and control the process of rolling out M2M devices across the country, increasing the speed of implementation and reducing the cost, complexity and risk traditionally associated with deploying such projects.

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